Is it dinner time already?

Guess who’s getting ready to start food? That’s right, you guessed it. I have no idea how 8 and a half months have come and gone. I feel like I am still in denial that this girl is ready to join us at the dinner table as I’ve been trying to give her baby purees for dinner every night (oops).

For the past two nights, Nati has completely refused to eat her purees and will only eat small finger foods and puffs. I’m all about watching out for baby’s cues and feeding them food when they’re ready but a part of me has been in denial. Even though I’m a second time mom, it’s so easy to forget when these new milestones happen.

So with six little teeth and a growing appetite, this girl has been adventuring with new foods. I always stick to the pediatrician recommendation to only introduce one new food every couple of days to ensure there aren’t any signs of an allergy.

Silicone mat c/o: Nuby

I’ve been experimenting with different foods to get her used to new tastes and textures and we’ve all been having so much fun. Some of the foods I’ve been giving her (and will soon give her) are:

  • Yogurt (her absolute favorite!)
  • Peas & carrots
  • Ground turkey
  • Avocado (another fav)
  • Squash
  • Bananas
  • Berries
  • Cheerios

Once babies start finger foods, it’s fun to see them feed themselves. It’s like they instantly want to be so independent! They pick up what they want off their plate and let’s face it…it can get messy.

I’ve tried so many different plates and bibs but silicone is definitely the way to go. So easy to wipe clean with the dishes and they look brand new every time. With Ari, she would often throw her plate on the floor so this time around I am only using plates that grip to the table (like the one Nati’s eating from). Nuby has a whole line of silicone mats and bibs that make dinner time so much easier. Not to mention, they come in cute designs. You can shop Nuby’s Sure Grip Feeding Mat here.

You can also enter my giveaway on Instagram to win one of Nuby’s new mats! Nuby has some fun designs that aren’t even released yet and if you enter here, you can be one of the first to snag one!