Relax, mama.

Is it just me or are second-time moms just way more relaxed? With Ari, I was so concerned about getting her into a scheduled routine since she was just a couple of months old. I would puree, steam and chop up all her baby food and make dedicated meals for her while I went to work. I would get so upset when she wouldn’t eat the steamed broccoli I made her and would be determined to find a way to get her to eat it. I tried getting her to nap at the same time every day and was adamant about getting her to sleep by 8 p.m. every night. But guess what, it didn’t always work.

With Nati, let’s just say that I am way more relaxed. I let the girls break their 8 p.m. bedtime on the weekends (sometimes weekdays when we’re behind schedule) and I let them eat pancakes for dinner when I don’t feel like cooking. They probably watch more TV than what’s recommended and Ari watches YouTube kids while I try to get my grocery shopping done. Life is all about balance and us mamas need to keep our sanity. Breaking our routine is o-k-a-y. and just proves we are all human.

I’m all about simplifying my life and spending less time cleaning up so I can do more of the things I enjoy doing, like spending quality time with the girls. Looking back, I remember Ari used to have blow-outs ALL the time as a baby and I would sit there and scrub out the stains until the onesies looked brand new. Now, Nati’s dirty onesies end up in the trash or in the rag basket.

Now we all know that no matter what you make your baby to eat, they are going to make a huge mess. Food will get all over them, their high chair, their clothes, the floor and probably you. I was so happy when I came across an easy to clean high chair that looks just as great in our house. It’s safe to say that Nati loves her new Joovy Foodoo high chair too. The leatherette seat is easy to wipe down and has a removable tray that can be throw in the dishwasher. Goodbye to the days where I used to spot clean the high chair (can you even believe I used to do that??).

High chair c/o: Joovy



You can purchase the Joovy Foodoo high chair here. 

I also love Nuby’s silione feeding bibs that catch all of the food that doesn’t make it into her mouth. They are a must for every feeding and can also be washed and dried in a just a minute.They come in adorable designs too so they are cute and practical. You can purchase them here.



Last but not least, I can not live without my Dirt Devil. If I could chase the girls around with the mini vacuum in my hand, I totally would. I got it for Christmas last year and it was the best gift ever. Someone is always dropping something on the floor and the Dirt Devil is seriously a life saver. I don’t need to pull out the vacuum and I can keep my floor clean of puffs and fishies. You can purchase the cordless Dirt Devil here.