Christmas Traditions

Only 14 more sleeps until Christmas…but who’s counting? I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve told Ari “Santa is watching you” to get her to behave, The other day I told her I was going to call Santa and she responds with, “okay mom, you always call him anyway.” The spirit of Christmas is  just so much fun when you have a toddler.

Ari is three now and I feel like this is the first year that she’s been truly excited for Santa to make a stop at our house. We’ve been singing Christmas songs and watching Christmas movies, making hot chocolate and cookies, and having the best time.

It’s so fun making new traditions and this year we got our first pair of matching pajamas. Of course Ari chose pink ones and wouldn’t settle for anything else. Ari has been so excited lounging around the house in our “matchy matchy” jammes and even Nati has been joining in on the fun. You can shop our matching pajamas for the whole family here. Oh and if dad isn’t into the pink pajamas, don’t worry, there are other colors available.

pajamas c/o Lazy One



I’ve purchased so many Christmas books to read to the girls and one our favorite right now is The Little Christmas Angel. It’s an adorable story that comes with a plush Angel. There’s something about books that come with characters that get the girls so excited. The little angel shares the message that “all children are good” and is a constant reminder for Ari to behave her very best. I love stories that have a good message and it’s so sweet to see the message stick.

c/o The Little Christmas Angel