6 Sleeps ‘Til Christmas

6 sleeps until Christmas! Of course Nati has no idea what that means, but trust me, Ari has been counting down for weeks. Ari wakes up every morning and asks if Santa has been here yet. She doesn’t know the concept of time (obviously she’s 3) so she seriously can’t contain her excitement. I’ve even had to make some phone calls to the big guy to ensure she’s on the night list.

Christmas is a bit different this year as all four of us are still cramming in one bedroom at my mom’s place as we wait for our house. Ari sleeps in a toddler bed next to ours but with her close access to the “big bed” she tends to sneak in more in the middle of the night.

Even though we are crammed, I somehow feel like I am still getting more rest these days. While Nati is 9 months old and no where close to sleeping through the night, I am feeling way more rested with her just sleeping in her DockATot right next to me at night. Before the DockATot, Nati was sleeping in the middle of my bed. I would wake up constantly to check up on her and I’m so much more ease now knowing she’s next to me, while still in her confined space. This was seriously a game changer for us.

product c/o: DockATot

The DockATot is comfortable and practical. We have two covers that zip off for easy washing. I’m telling you guys… G A M E  C H A N G E R. I just don’t understand how I went almost 8 months without it. If we end up having a third baby, he/she will definitely be sleeping in the DockATot as soon as they come home.

With Ari, I remember it being a constant battle of trying to get her to sleep in her crib. The nights usually consisted of me hanging over the crib, rubbing her back and trying to get back to sleep. It was plain awful. I never felt rested and I would be grumpy the next day at work due to my lack of sleep.

I knew with Nati that I would do things differently and we skipped the crib all together with her. She started off in her bedside sleeper when she was born (which she hated) and I ended up investing hundreds of dollars on different beds, sleepers, etc. It only took me a few weeks of sleepless nights to decide co-sleeping was the best choice for our family.

Even though I am still breastfeeding (what feels like) all night long, I feel more rested than ever. She sleeps in her DockATot, I pick her up and nurse her, then right back to sleep she goes. I go to work rested and everyone wins.

Nati is sleeping in the DockATot Grand, which is recommended for 9 months and up. She fits in it comfortable and definitely has room to grow. Ari (who’s exceptionally tall for a 3 year old) has even been taking her naps in it. We’ll definitely be getting use out of ours for years to come. And the best part? Mama feels likes she’s finally getting some sleep!