Things I’ve learned from having 2 kids

Is it just me or can you just spot a first time mom when she’s out in public? You usually see her pushing a stroller with an oversized purse, diaper bag and probably a third bag since you never know what you’ll need right?

I’m sure I used to be that mom, the over-packing to go to Target, call the doctor for one sneeze type of mom. Now that I have two kids, life is quite a bit different. You’ll probably see me lugging two kids around– one on my hip, the other holding my hand. Taking the stroller out of the car for a trip to Target? Too much work. Packing an extra change of everything in case there’s a blow out, spill, accident, etc.? I definitely don’t have time for that.

Backpack c/o: Anchored East

So while we all live and learn and doing the best we can at this motherhood thing, I thought I’d share some of my favorite products that pretty much get me through my daily life.

The bag. Is it me or is there so much hype around the diaper bag. “What kind of diaper bag are you getting?” “Did you pack the baby’s diaper bag?” Moms and moms-to-be love to talk about diaper bags and I must admit, I’ve had them all– totes, shoulder bags, backpacks, etc. As a first time mom, I was about the tote. Now, I wouldn’t leave the house without my backpack.

I came across the Anchored East diaper bag and it’s been a life saver– it’s sturdy, has plenty of pockets and opens up like a lunch bag. I especially like the side pocket where you can put wipees in for easy spills. It’s light and makes it extra easy for using with my baby carrier. It’s also gender neutral so Danny can use it.

The baby carrier. Another popular topic among moms– are you a ring sling or wrap wearer? I’m all about the ring slings. I came across My Wild Bird and they are so easy to use. You adjust how you want it to hold baby and throw it into your bag ready to wear for easy carrying. I’m also a fan of Ergo Baby carriers if I’m going to carry for long time. Say, a trip to Disneyland? I also like these since they don’t have a lot of material and Danny can wear them too.

The stroller. Invest in a stroller that will grow with you if you plan on growing your family. It took me a few thousand dollars to realize this the hard way. I don’t use the stroller often as it really only comes out when we’re at theme parks or going somewhere that will involve a lot of walking. However, a cheap stroller will give you what you pay for (like I said, I learned this the hard way). I love our City Select. The stroller can face both ways, the handle bar adjusts and you can add a second seat later down the road. We also purchased the skateboard so Ari can ride on the stroller while Nati sits int he chair.

There’s a lot of things we decided to skip out on with Nati. We didn’t get her a crib (since we co-sleep) and passed on burp clothes (hellllo swaddle blankets for everything!) With Ari we purchased everything under the sun and ended up giving away so many things practically brand new. So, like I said, we live and learn.