Moms with a side hustle

I like nice things. I mean, who doesn’t? But let’s face it, having two girls who also like nice things gets pretty expensive. Danny and I both work full time but we’ve put ourselves on a pretty tight budget as we prepare to move into the new house in the next couple of months.

Now, I’d like to consider myself pretty innovative, I’m always coming up with new ideas and I’ve recently picked up a couple of side hustles. This has created some extra cash flow for my family and allows me to continue to buy the nice things I just can’t say no to sometimes. Like matching Fall clothes for me and the girls– obviously can’t say no to that. Right?!

Whether you’re a working mom or a stay at home mom, I think everyone can benefit from a side hustle. Whether you’re doing it as a hobby, to make some extra cash or just for the curiosity of trying something new, I’m sure you can find some sort of side hustle online.

Here’s are some ways you can make money online.


Type in B/S/T under Facebook groups and a crazy number of different groups will pop-up. Moms will literally sell anything online and moms are more than willing to purchase used clothes a discounted price.

The nice thing about purchasing good quality stuff for the kids is that you can always sell it. You know those Freshly Picked moccs that you’ve been eyeing but they cost $60? I’m sure you can get at least half your money back from them after your kid has outgrown them. What about your kid’s worn Rag? If it’s limited edition and in good shape, you might even be able to make more than you purchased.  Baby carrier no longer fit? Sell it. Looking to find a specific item in a different color/style– trade it online.

You see where I’m going here? Join B/S/T groups for all the brands you love and start selling and shopping away!

Start a blog

I feel like everyone thinks this is probably the easiest and most obvious way to make some extra cash online. But I am going to be completely honest, it’s a lot of work to have a blog that makes money. I’m not saying it’s not possible, a lot of moms are doing it, but I don’t know how much time they’ve spent promoting and writing their blog before they started making some cash.

I started Aly & Co. as a hobby. I like to write and wanted to try something new. However, I am not making money from the blog and I probably won’t anytime soon. I know it takes a lot of work to promote my blog and there’s only so much time in the day. One benefit I am already seeing is that I’ve been able to work with some really great brands and have received free products in exchange for posts.

So if you’re thinking of starting a blog– be patient. The money is not going to just roll in and you’ll have to experiment to figure out what works best for you.

Open an Etsy shop

You can literally sell anything on Etsy.  If you’re crafty and like doing DIY projects at home, this might be the best route for you. Find something you love making and start selling it online– start small and expand once you’re able to grow. I know of people who exclusively sell bows on Etsy and bring in over $1,000 a month. Isn’t that some nice cash for a side hustle?


People are always looking for freelancers. If you have experience in writing, graphic design, social media, SEO, etc. you can definitely find someone who needs YOU to help out with a project. Do some research, join Facebook groups and market yourself online so people know you are available.

The nice thing about freelancing is that you only take on projects you want to work on it and can do as much or as a little as you want.

So where do you start? Make some goals, find your niche, your talent or your area of expertise and have some fun. There’s no harm in trying something new and you never know where it will take you!