New chapter begins

And a new chapter begins! This weekend we moved out of our apartment and in with my mom. We were originally planning on moving out at the end of November, but we’ve had constant issues with our apartment and they allowed us to break our lease early. As a result, we had to pack up our entire apartment in less than 48 hours. Sound crazy? It was.

To top off a crazy weekend of packing and moving, I had a teething baby on my hands and mastitis. It was extremely painful to say the very least. Regardless of the craziness, I am so glad to say goodbye to the chapter of over-priced renting and ready to move into our new home. Our projected move-in date is the end of December, so we’ll be living with my mom until the house is ready. As you can imagine, the girls are thrilled. And I get an extra hand with the girls!

So now the waiting period really begins. We’re anxious to get the keys to our first home and this waiting period is giving me plenty of time to get ideas as to how I’ll be decorating the house. Since we had to pack and move so quickly, I ended up giving so much stuff away. I’m looking forward to many trips to Ikea, Target, Home Goods and more in my near future!