Nati Bear turns 8 months today

My sweet little Nati Bear is 8 months old today! For the past week this girl has been babbling away saying “dada”. She also had another two teeth come in. How is it possible for an 8 month old to have 6 teeth? Ari didn’t get teeth until she was almost a year! It’s funny with your second child you tend to compare all of your baby’s milestones to your first. I have to keep reminding myself that all babies reach milestones differently and when they are ready.

When Ari was 8 months old she was already cruising on the couch and standing up for a few seconds on her own. I was happy to not have Nati so mobile as we were in the middle of a move but three days ago she decided to pick herself up and start crawling… This has already led to her first little bruise (I’m sure of many to come) on her forehead.

We moved into my mom’s house this week so we’ve had a lot of changes. Nati crawling and picking herself up has definitely made my life just a bit more chaotic. But it’s okay. Luckily Nati won’t be taking her first steps any time soon (at least I think) but when she does we are prepared. We already child proofed my mom’s house and put locks on all of the cabinets.

Nati is also starting to rock her Freshly Picked moccs to help get her used to wearing shoes for when she does start to walk. I don’t like to put shoes on my kids until they become mobile so the timing for her first pair is perfect now that the weather is cooling down too. These are seriously the best for babies learning how to walk. Cute and comfy!

I’m soaking in every moment of my sweet girl still depending on me for cuddles since I know now that she’s starting to become mobile that she’ll want to be Miss Independent.


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Disclaimer- We received a free pair of moccs from Freshly Picked